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Self Storage Properties

Through its affiliate, Storage Solutions, which is headed by COO Jae Ho, Barker Pacific Group focuses on self storage acquisition, development, and operations management.

With a strong a reputation for closing deals, Storage Solutions has access to capital at competitive rates and has the financial sophistication and willingness to structure a transaction to address a seller's unique needs.

Storage Solutions is structured to be decisive and to make commitments quickly. The acquisitions team is the best in the industry. Committed to identifying and addressing each seller's unique needs, Storage Solutions can move quickly, having the flexibility and knowledge to structure transactions in a variety of ways.

During the period from 2005 through 2011, BPG was successful in substantially reducing overhead while increasing revenues and net operating income. Numerous non-strategic assets were sold by BPG and proceeds were used to increase the successful self storage assets portfolio.

BPG continues in the self storage business, operating under the Storage Solutions banner. Storage Solutions is aggressively pursuing new locations to grow the portfolio. BPG acquires its self storage properties in a joint venture with Artemis Real Estate Investors.